Saturday, December 14, 2013

Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Christmas Party

Matt's work had their Christmas Party at a restaurant in Arlington called Ray's the Steaks.  It was DELICIOUS.  If I didn't dislike driving in Arlington so much, I would say it may become a regular eating spot...Oh and if it wasn't QUITE so pricey... So a once or twice a year occasion will have to suffice.

Kymbree stayed home with a babysitter, and Lincoln joined us, since it was at his bedtime, and he sleeps better in his carseat anyway (see him in the back, right corner).  If it was for the sweat-lodge he had going on, he would have slept through the whole dinner...
(Left to right) Lavell (tech) Andy, Christina (bosses/owners), Matt, Vicki (tech), Nicole (tech), Shira, Bre (Therapists), Ashley and Leslie (receptionists)


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