Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Name that Movie

Kymbree has recently began copying everything Matt does, sometimes me, and definitely using props and playing/copying movies.  For instance, watching Tangled, she went in her room and found all of her Rapunzel dolls (there's only THREE).  Watching Mickey Mouse?  No problem, just go get her Mickey Mouse book with play mat and little toys...  So here is a picture I want you to try and guess what movie she chose to watch this afternoon while I worked on school (and took a small break to share this...) :)

I will give you this hint, although the doll is "Snow White Baby," the movie is NOT Snow White...

You know how in the beginning of Monsters, Inc. when Sully puts Boo in a Duffel bag to take her to Mike who is out to dinner with Celia?

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