Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Figured it Out!

So here was the issue...  I ran out of storage, picture-wise, to add any more to my blog, and since this blog is primarily for pictures I just kinda stopped for awhile.  Until I figured, well if I create another email account, or use one I already have to add pictures, picture storage starts at zero again, right?  Well I didn't know if after I graduate, my school email (which is through gmail) gets shut down, so I was just being a lame duck, until students have been asking me (I'm student teaching, in case you didn't know) if I would send pics of my baby to Mrs. Valdez (my host teacher).  Well of course I would...but they would be long gone by then, and I had already planned on giving them my address to write me letters, but I didn't want all of THEIR addresses, so I thought "HEY!  WHy don't I create a "Mrs.Mitchell" email account for them AND I can use it to update my blog!" TA DA!  Problem solved.  

So quick recap...

Started student teaching in January, I have about 3 weeks left, and YES I still want to be a teacher.

Kymbree is gonna be a big sister!!  We are due July 31st!  If this one follows suit, both Mommy AND Daddy will share their birthdays with their kidlettes!
19 Week Ultra Sound, Biloxi OBGYN, March 6, 2013

We DO know the sex, and select friends and family know, but I plan on taking a cute picture to announce that, similar to these taken February 6...

And last of all, we finally found a place to live in Virgina.  It's in Kingstowne.  I LOVE Kingstowne, it's more spread out and not so CITY feeling, you can't even SEE the city, yet it's only 7 miles from Matt's work (which translates into a 20-30 minutes commute..ugh)  We found an awesome condo from a private owner who previously lived in it, but her family grew out of it, they couldn't sell it, so now they rent it out.  It feels like the closest thing to a home that we have lived in so far.  We can't wait to move in (as long at the Background check on Matt clears...;) )
The kitchen of the condo, with what I consider to be a "HOME" fridge instead of an apartment fridge..
(That fridge and the HUGE walk in closet in the master are my two favorite features, I'm such a WOMAN... Matt's?  The grill hard wired into the gas line on the patio.  Such a MAN... We make a good pair!)

I think that's about it for right now. I'll see what I can do about getting this thing fully updated...

Thanks for reading, we love you all!

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Mrs. Dean said...

So glad you found a place that you love! It looks really nice!
(btw, if you run into the storage problem again and don't want to have to open another email address, I found a couple tricks and listed them here: http://deaninators.blogspot.com/2012/12/testing-1-2-3.html Maybe you already knew these, but if you didn't, hope it helps!) Congrats again on baby #2!!