Friday, December 20, 2013

The National Tree at President's Park

After Zoo lights we hopped back on the Metro and headed to the National Tree.  All around the Tree, they have a smaller tree for each state decorated, supposedly with ornaments related to that state, but all the tress' ornaments looked similar to me, so who knows.

The tree looks fake to me, I know there was a real tree under all the lights, because I could see random branches sticking out, but to me it just looked like a lit overlay.  Matt says the Capitol tree is decorated more like an actual tree, so I wanna get up there to see that one too...


Zoo Lights at The National Zoo

 Matt and I figured every zoo has Zoo Lights, as I know Hogle Zoo does and he said Akron does, so I'm sure its nothing too spectacular, but it was the first time I had been, as well as Kymbree, so it was a lot of fun.  And to top it off, it was like 60 degrees that night..SCORE

The event is sponsored by Pepco, a local energy company, and they were giving away bags and glow sticks, so we all got an awesome bracelet!

There was a GingerBread house display in the Visitors Center that was pretty awesome!  These are a few of my favorites...

Even Lincoln got in on the glow bracelet goodness

The multi-colored trees were my favorite

Matt's co-worker, Lavel, his girlfriend and daughter (Alina) joined us


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Solutions Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Christmas Party

Matt's work had their Christmas Party at a restaurant in Arlington called Ray's the Steaks.  It was DELICIOUS.  If I didn't dislike driving in Arlington so much, I would say it may become a regular eating spot...Oh and if it wasn't QUITE so pricey... So a once or twice a year occasion will have to suffice.

Kymbree stayed home with a babysitter, and Lincoln joined us, since it was at his bedtime, and he sleeps better in his carseat anyway (see him in the back, right corner).  If it was for the sweat-lodge he had going on, he would have slept through the whole dinner...
(Left to right) Lavell (tech) Andy, Christina (bosses/owners), Matt, Vicki (tech), Nicole (tech), Shira, Bre (Therapists), Ashley and Leslie (receptionists)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Name that Movie

Kymbree has recently began copying everything Matt does, sometimes me, and definitely using props and playing/copying movies.  For instance, watching Tangled, she went in her room and found all of her Rapunzel dolls (there's only THREE).  Watching Mickey Mouse?  No problem, just go get her Mickey Mouse book with play mat and little toys...  So here is a picture I want you to try and guess what movie she chose to watch this afternoon while I worked on school (and took a small break to share this...) :)

I will give you this hint, although the doll is "Snow White Baby," the movie is NOT Snow White...

You know how in the beginning of Monsters, Inc. when Sully puts Boo in a Duffel bag to take her to Mike who is out to dinner with Celia?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Growing up!

I was doing some housework today and Kymbree wanted me to come play with her.  I told her "Hold on, let me make my bed, and then we can play."  She responded "Kymbree makes her bed too!"  Not thinking anything of it, I finished making my bed and then went in her room to play with her and to my surprise, she really DID make her bed!  She was so proud of herself!  When Matt got home, she ran up to him saying, "Daddy! Come here, I show you something!  Kymbree made my bed too!"  He responded appropriately, getting excited, giving her a hug, then came into me and said, "What, did you make her bed and she took ownership for it?" (haha) So I told him No!  She really did make her own bed, then told him the story.  He then went back to her and praised her even more! :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our Humble Abode

 It's Official!  Matt passed the background and credit check, so the lease agreement is in transit!  I was able to hack into Matt's email and pull the pictures from the original email I sent him when I found the posting on CraigsList.  So here is our new home, starting April 1, 2013

Front View

Our unit is second level, on the right.



(Which you have already seen)




Living Room

View from the front door

Gas fireplace
Patio out the sliding glass doors
Grill hard wired into the gas line outside the left-most window on the patio  


Dining Room

Right next to the sliding glass doors to the patio

Notice the kitchen counter on the right, there is only about a 3 foot wide wall facing the entry from the kitchen, the rest of it is open to the living area :)


Guest/Kids Bathroom

Master Bath

Notice how the mirror takes up the WHOLE wall? :)

One of Kingstowne's Community Pools

(Which residents of Kingstowne get a free pass/membership too)

Kingstowne Community Fitness Center

(Which residents of Kingstowne get a free pass/membership too)

Our new home will be officially open for visitors on April...Let's say 10th!  Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Figured it Out!

So here was the issue...  I ran out of storage, picture-wise, to add any more to my blog, and since this blog is primarily for pictures I just kinda stopped for awhile.  Until I figured, well if I create another email account, or use one I already have to add pictures, picture storage starts at zero again, right?  Well I didn't know if after I graduate, my school email (which is through gmail) gets shut down, so I was just being a lame duck, until students have been asking me (I'm student teaching, in case you didn't know) if I would send pics of my baby to Mrs. Valdez (my host teacher).  Well of course I would...but they would be long gone by then, and I had already planned on giving them my address to write me letters, but I didn't want all of THEIR addresses, so I thought "HEY!  WHy don't I create a "Mrs.Mitchell" email account for them AND I can use it to update my blog!" TA DA!  Problem solved.  

So quick recap...

Started student teaching in January, I have about 3 weeks left, and YES I still want to be a teacher.

Kymbree is gonna be a big sister!!  We are due July 31st!  If this one follows suit, both Mommy AND Daddy will share their birthdays with their kidlettes!
19 Week Ultra Sound, Biloxi OBGYN, March 6, 2013

We DO know the sex, and select friends and family know, but I plan on taking a cute picture to announce that, similar to these taken February 6...

And last of all, we finally found a place to live in Virgina.  It's in Kingstowne.  I LOVE Kingstowne, it's more spread out and not so CITY feeling, you can't even SEE the city, yet it's only 7 miles from Matt's work (which translates into a 20-30 minutes commute..ugh)  We found an awesome condo from a private owner who previously lived in it, but her family grew out of it, they couldn't sell it, so now they rent it out.  It feels like the closest thing to a home that we have lived in so far.  We can't wait to move in (as long at the Background check on Matt clears...;) )
The kitchen of the condo, with what I consider to be a "HOME" fridge instead of an apartment fridge..
(That fridge and the HUGE walk in closet in the master are my two favorite features, I'm such a WOMAN... Matt's?  The grill hard wired into the gas line on the patio.  Such a MAN... We make a good pair!)

I think that's about it for right now. I'll see what I can do about getting this thing fully updated...

Thanks for reading, we love you all!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beach Livin!

On out way home from church, I saw this awesome cloud out over the water.  Matt thought I was crazy for taking a picture of a CLOUD but our Primary President who has a Photography business AND the Mississippi Gulf Coast Facebook Page had pictures of it, so I wasn't the only "crazy" one on the beach that day...

We had Jimmy over for dinner and decided to go on a sunset stroll on the beach.  The sunset was gorgeous so we snapped a few family pics...

...and best friend ones too!  Kymbree LOVES Jimmy P!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Lizard

Matt found a lizard and Kymbree sure wasn't a fan, especially when he tried to put it on her, when when it looked at her while sitting on her stroller tray.

I wasn't the biggest fan either...

But once she saw I could touch it, she decided she could pet it too...